Elementi magazine

I was commissioned by Elementi magazine to illustrate an article about the the computer program SciFiQ, whose primary purpose is to analyze literary databases and practically apply them.

” SciFiQ is a computer program, a software, connected to the Internet. SciFiQ is able to process and find similarities in various literary works, but also to write on its own. For example, it can look at the manuscript at the atomic level and find identical nouns, verbs, adjectives in a sample of 100 words.”

AD: Ivan Umeljić

Smart neighborhood


I was commissioned by Engadget technology blog to illustrate an article about the Google’s plan to build  a smart neighborhood in Toronto.

” The text describes “a truly complete community” that’s free of cars and committed to reducing its carbon footprint. Underpinning everything is a network of sensors that can monitor noise, traffic and pollution, collecting the troves of data required to understand and improve the city’s design.”

AD: Aaron Souppouris

See full article here

Well grown


Three illustrations for new organic store in Belgrade. These illustrations were intended for announcement posts on social networks.

AD: Vlada Gvoic and Marko Zivanovic




This illustration is part of the visual identity for the new platform for file hosting. The platform has three types of users and this is the opening illustration for standard user.

AD: Vlada Gvoic and Marko Zivanovic

The Unsolicited Sideshow

Chicago Architecture Biennial

The Unsolicited Sideshow is a pop-up exhibit and event series that will open in tandem with the Chicago Architecture Biennial at the Chicago Athletic Association. The illustration is for the exhibition catalog.

The illustration responds to the central ambition of the show: to explore how ‘otherness’ informs architectural expression.

AD: Joseph Altshuler

Nine rooms to die in

Soiled magazine

I was commissioned by SOILED architectural magazine to illustrate an article about the design and medical ramifications of spaces for palliative care.

“As a dying person goes through their last stage of life, the circle of physical spaces in which they inhabit and encounter shrinks, from their community, down to their living or hospital spaces, and finally down to the bed in a room.”

AD: Joseph Altshuler


100 Houses


I started this project as a daily challenge. Free thinking about space is vital for an architect and I wanted to have some fun with spatial concepts.  No restriction, the only rule I set was to get to it without a plan and keep it quick. I wanted to keep the unconscious engaged. The approach is a kind of problem solving. The solution is always surreal as well as the problem itself. I find this approach amusing, since I never know what the final outcome is going to be.