Start up

Adobe 99U

Illustration for Adobe 99U ‘s article “Nine Lessons for the First-Time Manager”. The article particularly deals with the startups where there may not have been a manager before. The piece includes advice on how to build respect from people who may have been around longer than you, prioritizing results and operating without training and reassurance.

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Caffeine in Sports


Illustration for Medium ‘s article “How to Strategically Use Caffeine to Enhance Sports Performance”.

Coffee shops are always filled with cyclists sipping espressos. While, like us, they probably enjoy the taste of coffee, there’s another reason the drink is so popular with cyclists — caffeine’s performance-enhancing effects. ” 

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Boat International

Illustration for Boat International‘s article about audio visual trends and advances on superyachts.

“Despite the omnipresence of today’s gadgets and gizmos, yachts have struggled to keep up with technotainment onshore. But that’s changing fast.” 

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Adobe 99U

Illustration for article on Adobe 99U  “How to Promote Yourself Online When You’re a Total Introvert”

“The design world seems to favor those who develop a strong presence on social media. But what happens when you’re an introverted designer who shies away from self-promotion?.” 

AD: Lauren Jacobs

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Obstacle course


Obstacle course illustration for the article in Barron’s magazine about five mental tricks that could make you a better investor.

“The field of behavioral finance offers a few answers. For one, it’s well established that investing is an emotion-laden act. Much of our emotions and feelings about the market are driven by brain biochemistry.”

AD: Robert Connoly

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