New Headquarters

The Atlantic Re:think

Illustration for The Atlantic Re:think about the makeover of american corporate headquarters.

“The original corporate HQ that emerged from the last century served as a home base for most of a company’s major departments and services, creating a blueprint for corporate campuses that often took advantage of sprawling space in suburbs and city edges. But as companies plant their flag in new markets, they’re also embracing the HQ 2.0 philosophy, which includes replacing traditional corporate offices with a more open, social culture that fosters a dynamic and collaborative workplace.” 

AD: Devin Rochford

Sport center 25. May


Illustration for the “Summer in Belgrade” exhibition in which I participated as a part of the group of architects. Every architect illustrated one iconic Belgrade building. My chosen building was sport center “25. May” designed by famous Serbian architect Ivan Antić.

AI is in the building

The Atlantic Re:think

Illustration for The Atlantic Re:think about the new age of AI and taking over many working positions.

“Picture an American business, circa 2028. On the factory floor, camera-equipped robots spot and flag defective products as they’re being made. Over in the human resources wing, hiring software zips through hundreds of resumes in minutes, finding talent and even conducting initial job interviews. At the end of the day, autonomous automobiles transport data technicians and other employees to their homes, while self-driving delivery trucks hit the road to bring finished goods to customers.” 

AD: Devin Rochford

Ten Human Skills

Adobe 99U

Ten human skills for the future of work.

“These core strengths are key not only for building and leading effective teams, but for thriving in the constantly evolving workplace. ” 

AD: Mark Brooks