New Students’ Guide


I was commissioned to illustrate the campus of University College London for the cover of UCL’ s New Students Guide.

AD: David Lovelock


Elementi magazine

I was commissioned by Elementi magazine to illustrate an article about gimmick – a trick or device intended to attract attention, publicity or trade

AD: Ivan Umeljić


Belgrade Neighborhood

Private commission

Illustration of Belgrade neighborhood Dorcol. The illustration is more a sum of impressions than real scenery. Dorcol is eclectic mixture of academic, industrial and modern architecture.


PDP Conference

The seventh PDP Conference of creative media was held at Student’s Cultural Center “FABRIKA” in Novi Sad, Serbia. The official theme of the conference was LoFiHi. Both of my posters were selected to be part of the exhibition and I won an award in illustration category.


New Headquarters

The Atlantic Re:think

Illustration for The Atlantic Re:think about the makeover of american corporate headquarters.

“The original corporate HQ that emerged from the last century served as a home base for most of a company’s major departments and services, creating a blueprint for corporate campuses that often took advantage of sprawling space in suburbs and city edges. But as companies plant their flag in new markets, they’re also embracing the HQ 2.0 philosophy, which includes replacing traditional corporate offices with a more open, social culture that fosters a dynamic and collaborative workplace.” 

AD: Devin Rochford

Sport center 25. May


Illustration for the “Summer in Belgrade” exhibition in which I participated as a part of the group of architects. Every architect illustrated one iconic Belgrade building. My chosen building was sport center “25. May” designed by famous Serbian architect Ivan Antić.

AI is in the building

The Atlantic Re:think

Illustration for The Atlantic Re:think about the new age of AI and taking over many working positions.

“Picture an American business, circa 2028. On the factory floor, camera-equipped robots spot and flag defective products as they’re being made. Over in the human resources wing, hiring software zips through hundreds of resumes in minutes, finding talent and even conducting initial job interviews. At the end of the day, autonomous automobiles transport data technicians and other employees to their homes, while self-driving delivery trucks hit the road to bring finished goods to customers.” 

AD: Devin Rochford

Ten Human Skills

Adobe 99U

Ten human skills for the future of work.

“These core strengths are key not only for building and leading effective teams, but for thriving in the constantly evolving workplace. ” 

AD: Mark Brooks

Confused by Art?

STEP Journal

Cover illustration for the STEP Journal. This issue’s topic is the confusing world of art. The inspiration for the illustration was M.C.Escher’s Relativity.

“Oscar Wilde once said that ‘life imitates art far more than art imitates life’. In the 21st century, this phrase is becoming ever more true. We are seeing social, cultural, economic and political shifts across the world, with outcomes that were once thought to be the subject of only fiction or fantasy.” 

AD: George Walker

Hyperloop one

Modus magazine

Illustration for the article in the May issue of Modus magazine “The Safe Issue”. The article is a discussion about the hyperloop technology.

“Is the turbocharged tube the solution to modern-day transport woes or a more pipe dream? Four experts discuss.” 

AD: Katie Wilkinson

Start up

Adobe 99U

Illustration for Adobe 99U ‘s article “Nine Lessons for the First-Time Manager”. The article particularly deals with the startups where there may not have been a manager before. The piece includes advice on how to build respect from people who may have been around longer than you, prioritizing results and operating without training and reassurance.

AD: Lauren Jacobs

See full article here.

Caffeine in Sports


Illustration for Medium ‘s article “How to Strategically Use Caffeine to Enhance Sports Performance”.

Coffee shops are always filled with cyclists sipping espressos. While, like us, they probably enjoy the taste of coffee, there’s another reason the drink is so popular with cyclists — caffeine’s performance-enhancing effects. ” 

AD: Kamil Klamann

See full article here.



Boat International

Illustration for Boat International‘s article about audio visual trends and advances on superyachts.

“Despite the omnipresence of today’s gadgets and gizmos, yachts have struggled to keep up with technotainment onshore. But that’s changing fast.” 

AD:Christopher Whale


Adobe 99U

Illustration for article on Adobe 99U  “How to Promote Yourself Online When You’re a Total Introvert”

“The design world seems to favor those who develop a strong presence on social media. But what happens when you’re an introverted designer who shies away from self-promotion?.” 

AD: Lauren Jacobs

See full article here.

Obstacle course


Obstacle course illustration for the article in Barron’s magazine about five mental tricks that could make you a better investor.

“The field of behavioral finance offers a few answers. For one, it’s well established that investing is an emotion-laden act. Much of our emotions and feelings about the market are driven by brain biochemistry.”

AD: Robert Connoly

See full article here

The Rockefeller University Campus

Point Five

I was commissioned by Point Five design studio to illustrate back cover of Fall ’18 issue of Seek , the bi-annual research magazine of The Rockefeller University in New York City. Every issue has a cover based on the campus. For this particular issue the focus was on the interior spaces.

AD: Point Five: Nathan Eames



The Public Space

Modus magazine

Cover illustration for Modus February issue about public spaces.

“The ways our public spaces are used, managed and planned have a massive influence on the factors that make a city a successful place in which to live and work.” 

AD: Sam Walker

Read the full issue here.

Termite architecture

Elementi magazine

I was commissioned by Elementi magazine to illustrate an article about the amazing termite architecture.

“Roughly at the same time as the ancient Egyptians built their grandiose pyramids, termites Syntermes dirus created impressive surface mounds which still exist in northeastern Brazil, and are so numerous that can even be seen from the outer space ”

AD: Ivan Umeljić


Target store


I was commissioned by Adweek  to illustrate a new Target store for their publication called Brandweek.

” Take a look inside Target’s new store layout, made to improve the shopping experience and win new customers.”

AD: Ron Goodman

See full article here

Electric cars

Elementi magazine

I was commissioned by Elementi magazine to illustrate an article about electric cars industry.

“Researchers at the Institute of Technology in Georgia warn that the cobalt and nickel supplies used in electric vehicle batteries will soon not be able to meet the needs of the industry any more.”

AD: Ivan Umeljić



Elementi magazine

I was commissioned by Elementi magazine to illustrate an article about the the computer program SciFiQ, whose primary purpose is to analyze literary databases and practically apply them.

” SciFiQ is a computer program, a software, connected to the Internet. SciFiQ is able to process and find similarities in various literary works, but also to write on its own. For example, it can look at the manuscript at the atomic level and find identical nouns, verbs, adjectives in a sample of 100 words.”

AD: Ivan Umeljić

Smart neighborhood


I was commissioned by Engadget technology blog to illustrate an article about the Google’s plan to build  a smart neighborhood in Toronto.

” The text describes “a truly complete community” that’s free of cars and committed to reducing its carbon footprint. Underpinning everything is a network of sensors that can monitor noise, traffic and pollution, collecting the troves of data required to understand and improve the city’s design.”

AD: Aaron Souppouris

See full article here

The Unsolicited Sideshow

Chicago Architecture Biennial

The Unsolicited Sideshow is a pop-up exhibit and event series that will open in tandem with the Chicago Architecture Biennial at the Chicago Athletic Association. The illustration is for the exhibition catalog.

The illustration responds to the central ambition of the show: to explore how ‘otherness’ informs architectural expression.

AD: Joseph Altshuler

Art +Media

New issue of ART + MEDIA Journal of Art and Media Studies is out with my 100 houses project on the cover!

Laser Summit

Hey! The Best Summit of Cheap Laser Graphics will take place for the first time at the QUARTIER GENERAL, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. The exhibition is starting with a Grand Opening on 18.05.2017, and ending on 04.06.2017.

Nine rooms to die in

Soiled magazine

I was commissioned by SOILED architectural magazine to illustrate an article about the design and medical ramifications of spaces for palliative care.

“As a dying person goes through their last stage of life, the circle of physical spaces in which they inhabit and encounter shrinks, from their community, down to their living or hospital spaces, and finally down to the bed in a room.”

AD: Joseph Altshuler


100 Houses


I started this project as a daily challenge. Free thinking about space is vital for an architect and I wanted to have some fun with spatial concepts.  No restriction, the only rule I set was to get to it without a plan and keep it quick. I wanted to keep the unconscious engaged. The approach is a kind of problem solving. The solution is always surreal as well as the problem itself. I find this approach amusing, since I never know what the final outcome is going to be.



Red bear

Bears – In Honor of Spring

“Bears – In Honor of Spring” is an annual exhibition dedicated to bears, an animal which in many countries is a symbol of spring.